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33-Mpxl eVolution 75H Back from SinarBron

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SinarBron has announced its new eVolution 75H camera back. Developed jointly with Jenoptik, the 33-Mpxl back offers a 48 x 36-mm sensor, an actively cooled multishot capability, and a FireWire 800 connection.

The eVolution captures RAW images in 16-bit color, yielding file sizes up to 68-MB for 1-shot or 190-MB for 4-shot images. Capture rates reach 24 images/min and exposure times are as short as a 1/10,000 sec and as long as 32 sec.

Sinar CaptureShop 5.5 or higher is required to operate the eVolution. It’s compatible with Mac OS 10.4.4 or higher.

Using the camera adapter kits for the Sinarback 54 M, the eVolution is compatible with Sinar 4x5 view cameras; Fuji GX 680; Mamiya RZ 67, RB 67, and 645 Pro; and Rolleiflex 6008 cameras.

Price: $32,000. The eVolution 75H will be available in Q2 2007.


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