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3M Launches VirtuPrint Fabric Program

Textiles from L&P Digital approved for 3M Scotchprint Graphics

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As worldwide demand for soft signage continues to grow, 3M Commercial Graphics Division is working with L&P Digital Technologies to develop extra-wide fabrics that can be digitally imaged and finished for use in brand-marketing campaigns.

3M Commercial Graphics is the exclusive distributor of L&P Digital Technologies' VirtuPrint? fabrics for the graphic-arts market and has approved the fabrics for the production of 3M Scotchprint? graphics on the Scotchprint Printer 2000 electrostatic printer with 3M dye-sublimation toners and the 3M Printer 2500UV flatbed/roll-to-roll printer that uses 3M-brand UV-curable inks.

There is one limitation. Until the completion of flammability testing of VirtuPrint fabrics with 3M's UV-curable inks, the Printer 2500UV can't be used to create Scotchprint-branded graphics for indoor applications that require compliance with NFPA 701 Part 2. Graphic producers should check their local code requirements.

L&P's line of Virtu Print fabrics currently includes seven products: VirtuSatin, VirtuReverse Satin, VirtuOpen Weave, VirtuMesh, VirtuDuck, VirtuTwill, and VirtuPoly Fab. Additional products will be introduced after testing has been completed.

For samples or more details, contact your 3M sales representative or visit L&P Digital Technologies website. (L&P Digital Technologies: www.lp-digital.com; 3M: www.scotchprint.com)

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