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3P Flame-Retardant Fabric is Compatible with All Ink Types

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3P's latest fabrics are IQ-IJ101 Universal Heavy FR and Universal Light. Both fabrics are 100% polyester, flame-resistant, and are compatible with all ink technologies "?aqueous dye and pigmented inks, solvent, mild solvent, and UV-curable inks"?because of their matte coating. The fabrics are recommended for use as indoor and outdoor banners, wall hangings, shop decorations, and window displays. In addition, they can be used for fine art due to the high whiteness of the media and color reproduction.

The fabrics come with a 6-month outdoor warranty with certain inksets, but will last for years indoors. No lamination is needed after printing. The IQ-IJ101 media are available in rolls from 17 to 60 in. wide. (3P Inkjet Textiles: www.3p-inkjettextiles.com)

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