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'ABCs of the Next-Generation Office'

Free handbook from EFI explores new approaches for productivity.

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EFI has published "ABCs of the Next-Generation Office," a guide designed to explore new approaches for office productivity and creative environments"?specifically how to better understand and manage the total costs of document management.

The guide notes that a typical organization: makes 19 copies of each document; spends $20 to file each document; spends $120 searching for each mis-filed document; and spends 25 hours re-creating each lost document. The guide informs readers how to increase their workforce productivity and improve profitability via new technology solutions; it also proposes new workflows and work processes.

Available free via online download, the guide joins other titles in EFI's "ABCs" series, including "ABCs of Proofing," "ABCs of Print MIS," "ABCs of VDP," and "ABCs of Workflow." "


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