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Acrilex Introduces Acriglas Metallic Sheets

Simulates the look of bright aluminum.

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Acrilex has introduced its Acriglas Metallic acrylic sheets, which can be printed on wide-format inkjets. The acrylic sheets emulate the look of bright dipped brushed anodized aluminum and are ideal for applications where tempered glass would not be a practical material choice or where acrylic products will be used in combination with metallics. Unlike aluminum, this product does not ding, crimp, or oxidize, and does not require substrate or edge banding.

The sheets come in a brushed finish (4 x 4 ft) or a matte finish (4 x 6 ft) and range in thickness from 1/8 to "? in. Acriglas Metallic comes in 16 colors and 10 textures.


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