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Acuity and Vybrant Printers from Fujifilm Graphic Systems

Solvent Vybrant available in three sizes.

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Fujifilm announced a new lineup of branded wide-format digital-printing solutions and related consumables and services at ISA. The new wide-format printers--Acuity and Vybrant models--are sourced through OEM partners and developed to Fujifilm's specifications. The inks are formulated and manufactured by Fujifilm Sericol, with Fujifilm Graphic Systems providing sales, distribution, and technical support.

Fujifilm's new UV-curable Acuity HD 2504 is a 48 x 96-in. flatbed that can accommodate substrates as thick as 1.89 in. and features a zoned vacuum table, which stays stationary as the heads move over it to print. This system permits imaging onto irregularly shaped or uneven items such as pre-stretched canvas, doors, and ceiling tiles; accurate registration even on multiple passes; and edge-to-edge printing to save finishing time and labor.

The CMYK Acuity is equipped with proprietary printheads using variable-dot imaging technology (two heads/color). The heads produce 6- to 30-pl ink drops for smoother transitions and skin tones as well as dense, more uniform solid-image areas. Fujifilm reports that the result is images printed at 1200-dpi or higher resolutions with crisp, legible type as small as 6 pt, as well as the ability to produce perfect double-sided registration or overprinting to increase ink density. In addition, the company projects that users will save money on inks because the Acuity uses 35% less inks than fixed-droplet 6-color printers.

The Acuity offers four print modes: Production, High Quality, Fine Art, and Fine Art Matte. Speeds range from 174 sq ft/hr in production mode to 86 sq ft/hr in fine-art matte mode.

The matched Fujifilm Sericol UVijet KO-series inks utilize Micro-V dispersion technology to deliver wide adhesion, vibrancy, and higher print gloss. The UV-cure inks offer a 2-yr outdoor durability without lamination and are packaged in 2-l ink bags for quick ink changes.

Other features include an ink sensor, white-space skipping to increase throughput, and a vacuum wand to clean printheads. Onyx ProductionHouse RIP v7 is optional; an optional roll-to-roll module will be available will be available in late 2007.

Price on the Acuity: $120,000.

The new roll-to-roll solvent Vybrant series of printers offers three models: a 76-in. 1906, a 102-in. 2606, and a 130-in. 3606. Designed for heavy production runs, the 6-color (CMYKcm) machines feature a heavy-duty media unwinding/winding system that can handle rolls up to 300 lb for hours of unattended printing.

The Vybrant printers offer 1- or 2-pass printing and 180-, 360-, and 720-dpi resolutions. Speeds range from a maximum of 860 sq ft/hr in 1-pass speed mode at 180 dpi to 102 sq ft/hr at 720 dpi in 2-pass quality mode.

Armed with Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra Novajet 256-nozzle printheads, these printers utilize Fujifilm Sericol's Color+ MJ ink, which are weatherproof and are abrasion and UV resistant for a 5-yr outdoor durability without lamination. The heads jet ink using Fujifilm's proprietary Ink Drop Weaving system, which produce a 'wave' dot pattern designed to eliminate banding and improve drying, similar to Mutoh's I2 intelligent interweaving print technology.

The automatic head-height adjustment accommodates media from 2.5- to 4.5-mm thick and its variable-pressure rollers accept a wide range of flexible media. Other features include a self-cleaning system to reduce purging, operator maintenance, and downtime; an easy-to-use capping station so inks can stay overnight in the printheads for a faster start-up in the morning; and dual-heating elements for quick start-up times even after long idle periods. Venting systems from PAT as well as an Onyx ProductionHouse RIP are optional.

Price: Vybrant 1906, $74,995; Vybrant 2606 $99,995; Vybrant 3603, $149,995.


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