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Add to Multipage PDFs With Collate 1.0

Users can also sort, rearrange, or delete pages

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Jetsoft Development Company's Collate 1.0 gives users an easy and inexpensive way to add, remove, or rearrange multiplepage files for archiving and publishing without having to rescan the entire document. Source documents can be various image formats"?JPEG, BMP, PDF, and TIFF. Users can rearrange, sort, or delete pages from the target in any format. An individual page can be edited with the bundled Collate Page Editor, allowing text to be added and image-based corrections such as erasing image artifacts or correcting color to be done. When the target is a PDF file, all searchable text is retained and any text added is also searchable. When saving the target file, users can choose from uncompressed, lossless compressed, or lossy compression versions of TIFF and PDF files.

Collate 1.0 works on any Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP systems. Introductory price: $119. Jetsoft also offers quantity and site-license discounts. (Jetsoft Development Company: www.scanhelp.com)

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