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Adesso Debuts CyberTablet Family

Wireless pen-based tablets for PCs and Macs

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Adesso has introduced CyberTablet, a family of pen-based tablets designed to compete with Wacom's Intuos3 tablet series. Compatible with both Macs and PCs, CyberTablets are made for graphic designers, computer artists, photo editors, and CAD/CAM engineers.

All of the pens used in the CyberTablets offer 512 levels of pressure-sensitive input, so they feel as comfortable as a normal pencil, but provide the precise accuracy and sensitivity required in painting and writing. The pens offer 0.42-mm accuracy and a 0.32-in. reading height with high resolution.

The CyberTablet family comprises the 12000, 8600, and 6400:

The CyberTablet 12000 features a 12 x 9-in workspace, a pressure-sensitive, two-button pen, wireless scroll-wheel mouse, and software that enables users to naturally draw and write freehand graphics and text. Price: $169.99.

The CyberTablet 8600 has the same basic features as the 12000, but has an 8 x 6-in. workspace. It is designed for computer artists, CAD/CAM engineers, graphic designers, and business professionals. Price: $129.99.

The entry-level CyberTablet 6400 is ideal for presentation and document annotation as well as basic illustration, design and handwriting recognition. It features the two-button pen, a 6 x 4.5-in. workspace, and a three-button ergonomic wireless mouse with scroll wheel. Price: $69.99.

The tablets include Free Notes, Office Ink, Power Presenter RE, and Photo Impact XP software; they are USB-powered and do not require a power adapter. (Adesso: www.adesso.com)

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