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Adjustable Cable System From Rose Displays

System allows for frequent changing of a graphic's height.

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The Adjustable Cable System from Rose Displays allows visual display managers to order the same cable length for different displays. In-store staff can set the length needed on-site by wrapping the excess cable around the grooved plastic disks called "Spider Rings" that affix securely to the cables. A full wrap around the ring shortens the cable by 3 in.; each ring can accommodate 10 wraps for a total of 30 in. of cable adjustment. Multiple rings can be used simultaneously to further shorten cable. The Adjustable Cable System allows for frequent changing of graphic height, as well--such as raising a sign to allow for the addition of a product shelf.

Spider Rings also offer an important safety feature: The ring will not come off the cable unless it's intentionally removed. Spider Rings can be installed before or after the graphic is hung, with no need to change cables for each new graphic. (Rose Displays: www.rosedisplays.com)

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