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Adobe Scraps 'Send to FedEx Kinko's' Option

New software update expected to arrive in October.

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Adobe has announced that it will remove the "Send to FedEx Kinko’s" service and functionality from its Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat software. The company plans to issue an update to Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat that will not feature the FedEx Kinko’s link in October of this year.

On his blog site, John Loiacono, senior vice president of Adobe's Creative Solutions Business Unit, wrote: 'I know that there are a lot of folks who will be asking why we can't do it this afternoon. The answer is we can't just go back to the 8.0 release since the 8.1 release that contains the button included a lot of critical security and quality updates in addition to the new print option. We have determined the best way to move forward is with an 8.1.1 update. We have moved as many people as we can on to the project, but it takes time to do the standard testing that is required to ensure that we don't cause more problems by not performing sufficient testing.'

'I'd like to acknowledge that FedEx Kinko's really went the extra mile to work with us to come to a resolution,' Loiacono continues. 'They could have taken a tough line, because we do have a formal contract, but they showed a lot of class and understanding about the concerns within the print community.'

The announcement follows on the heels of criticism from the print-provider community when Adobe and FedEx Kinko's announced in early June that Adobe Reader 8.1 and Adobe Acrobat software would feature a connection to FedEx Kinko's Print Online functionality, allowing users to send documents for output to any FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Center in the US. Both products integrated a 'Send to FedEx Kinko's' command option within the File Menu as well as a button on the main toolbar.


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