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Agfa Introduces M-Press Flatbed

Features a speed of 4413 sq ft/hr

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In creating its new M-Press high-speed flatbed inkjet printer, Agfa has partnered with Thieme, the manufacturer of screen-printing machines. The new press seems to draw from both companies "?Agfa's expertise in inkjet technology and Thieme's design/manufacturing expertise in screen-printing equipment.

The M-press features a 62 x 102-in. flatbed that accommodates flexible and rigid substrates as thick as 10 mm. It's available as either a 3.4-automatic (standard) or fully automatic version. The 3.4- automatic version features a beltdriven, vacuum-assisted feeding table; the fully automatic system has an automatic sheet feeder for maximum production efficiency. Built for speed, the M-Press can hit 4413 sq ft/hr (or 100 62 x 102-in. sheets/hr) at 509 x 509-dpi resolution.

The M-Press uses Agfa :Anuvia 4-color UV-curable inks; these inks are optimized for indoor/outdoor use. Owners can add inline capabilities for white ink, spot colors, and varnish by adding a Thieme 5000XL screen-printing module.

The M-Press includes Agfa UPH industrial printheads (produced by Agfa in conjunction with Xaar); the press utilizes 64 UPH printheads that form a page-widearray. In addition, it also includes Agfa :ApogeeX RIP; and Agfa :IntellSyst for remote service diagnostics. Other MPress features include an integrated brush cleaning of media, and automatic printhead cleaning and calibration.

Price: "??1,433,615 (approximately $1.7 million US) for the standard version; add "??115,000 (approximately $140,000 US) for the automatic version. The M-Press is sold by Thieme; presses currently are shipping to Beta sites. (Agfa: www.agfa.com; Thieme: www.thieme-products.com)

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