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Agfa Offers Color-Management Consultant Service

Experts help users manage flow of digital images

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Agfa now offers a Color Management Systems Consultancy (CMS) service. With this service, the company's experts and engineers analyze the flow of image files from delivery to print, then provide practical guidelines to optimize color accuracy and consistency throughout production.

Despite the increased use of digital images worldwide, reports Agfa, there are no universal standards to ensure the quality and consistency of printed output. The Agfa CMS service helps print providers and publishers select and apply standard formats and processes, allowing images to be supplied in the correct way and be printed accurately"?regardless of prepress and printing equipment, software, and consumables.

The resultant Color Management Consultancy Plan includes practical recommendations for implementation, which the print provider may choose to have Agfa's experts supervise. (Agfa: www.agfa.com)

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