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AGL Expertise Accompanies Its Finishing Materials

Advanced Greig Laminator's helpful advice avoids wasted materials and blame game

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To help print-for-pay shops maximize print-finishing profits, the laminating veterans behind Advanced Greig Laminators have developed their own line of laminating materials. AGL's Materials Division offers a wide selection of thermal laminating films, pressure-sensitive overlaminates, printable films, and mounting adhesives, along with expert advice on choosing the right combination of materials and techniques for specific applications.

According to AGL's Brian Buisker, "All of the materials in the AGL Finishing Products line are guaranteed to deliver the same high quality and unmatched performance that graphics shops have come to expect from our laminators." He notes that buying laminating equipment and materials from a single source eliminates the finger-pointing that can occur when print-finishing problems arise. He encourages laminating operators to "Send us your most challenging application, and we will respond with a solution within hours." (Advanced Greig Laminators; www.aglaminators.com)

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