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Alcan Composites Expands Fome-Cor Line

Adds 0.5-in. thick Fome-Cor and 3/16-in. Foam-X graphic display board

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Alcan Composites has introduced two new products in its Fome-Cor line. The original Fome-Cor is now available in 0.5-in. thick boards. It can be digitally printed directly onto the board using water-based, solvent, or UV-curable inks. In addition, Fome-Cor is used in mounting and framing applications.

Foam-X graphic display board, available in a 3/16 -in. thickness, can also be digitally printed. A recovery board, it retains its shape (producing an open edge) when die-cut; while Fome-Cor compresses completely and stays closed permanently when die cut, creating a 3-D effect. Note: Foam-X will not be available in other thicknesses, reports Alcan. (Alcan Composites: www.alcancompositesusa.com)

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