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Alcan Debuts Sustainability Initiative

Company literature assesses sustainability of materials.

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Alcan Composites USA (alcancompositesusa.com), the makers of Sintra, Fome-Cor, and Gator media, has introduced a new Care & Conserve sustainability initiative, designed to assess the company’s entire supply chain from raw materials to disposal. The program includes two new fliers, downloadable from the company's website:

* "People + Planet: Reducing/Reusing/Recycling" Flier - This two-page flier provides six important sustainability questions for customers to consider when selecting a substrate provider. A "Product Life Cycle" diagram visually describes the importance of including best practices in sustainability throughout a product’s life cycle, i.e., cradle to grave. This flier can be viewed and/or downloaded from Alcan's website at alcancompositesusa.com/CareConserve.pdf.

* Care & Conserve Brochure - This four-page brochure describes Alcan's commitment to sustainability and demonstrates the company’s commitment to reduce/reuse/recycle through both an operations perspective and product perspective. It also describes the important role that customers can play in reducing waste and reusing product during the project design phase.

This Care & Conserve brochure can be viewed and/or downloaded from Alcan's web site at alcancompositesusa.com/AlcanCareConserve.pdf.

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