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Alien Skin Software Releases Exposure 2

Film-stock simulator and effects Photoshop plug-in.

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Alien Skin Software has released Exposure 2, the latest version of its film-stock simulator and effects package. Exposure 2 lets graphic artists and digital photographers enhance digital photographs by simulating the look of film.

Exposure 2 features more than 200 presets designed to emulate the warmth, softness, and realistic grains of various types of film--including the vivid colors of Fujifilm's Velvia, the natural skin tones of Kodak's Portra, the salt-and-pepper grain of Tri-X, and the ethereal glow of infrared; it can even simulate the retro colors of faded Polaroid.

Specific features include:

* Automatic adjustment of grain size to image size so that grain looks the same on high- and low-resolution photos. A roughness control gives Exposure 2 users subtle control over grain shape.

* For black-and-white conversions, a channel mixer interface provides subtle control over the conversion process.

* A range of darkroom-like effects such as push and cross processing and glamour-portrait softening.

* Batch processing via Photoshop Actions; any Exposure 2 preset can be adjusted to suit a particular subject and this new look can be saved as a setting for future use. All Exposure 2 settings can be deployed nondestructively in a new Photoshop layer named after the setting used.

Exposure 2 is multi-threaded to run faster on multiple processors or multi-core processors; it can easily handle 16-bit images, the company reports, allowing RAW images to be manipulated at their highest quality.

Price: $249 ($149 upgrade from Exposure 1).


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