Arizona 360 GT and Arizona 360 XT Flatbeds from Océ

New printers offer Express and High Definition print modes.

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Océ has announced the new Arizona 360 GT and Arizona 360 XT flatbed UV printer models, with enhancements over their 350 GT predecessors. Both are 4-color printers offering an Express Mode print speed of up to 377 sq ft/hr and a new High Definition print mode for fine feature reproduction, including the ability to print text as small as 2-point size (for technical and industrial applications such as printing on lenticular lenses and membrane panels).

The Arizona 360 GT features a standard table size of 49 x 98.4 in., while the Arizona 360 XT features an extra-large table size of 98.4 x 120 in.; they can print on a variety of rigid substrates up to 1.89-in. thick.

The new printers also include a UV curing system designed to provide more UV energy to support difficult-to-cure media while reducing heat at the media surface by 50%, improving support for heat-sensitive media such as thin polystyrene or polyester films. Both models also feature a new-style tabletop that allows very thin media to be printed directly on the table without mechanical distortion of the media into the vacuum holes. Available options include a roll-media option and a white-ink option.


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