Arizona 550 GT UV Flatbed from Océ

New machine is aimed at the point-of-purchase market.

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Océ has announced a new flagship model to its Arizona family of printers: the Océ Arizona 550 GT flatbed.

Designed as a true flatbed system, and particularly aimed at the point-of-purchase application market, the 550 GT uses UV-curable inks (CMYK) and Océ VariaDot imaging technology, which enables the printhead to produce drops of variable size to produce sharper image with smooth gradients and quartertones. It can print on a variety of rigid substrates up to 49.2 x 98.4 in. in area and up to 2-in. thick; it also offers a roll-media option, for printing onto flexible media up to 86.6-in. wide.

Top Production-mode speed, reports Océ, is 433 sq ft/hr, which is twice that of other Arizona models; also available is Express mode, which will hit 721 sq ft/hr, approximately three times higher than the company’s 350 GT. The 550 GT, says Oce, can produce 100 full-sized boards (4 x 8-ft) per eight-hour shift.

Options include:
* A white ink option, enabling underprinting, overprinting, and/or printing white as a spot color.
* A roll-media option, providing the ability to print onto flexible media including vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, scrim banner, paper, and blue backed paper.
* An Onyx ProductionHouse RIP is also available as an option.

Océ reports that a 350 GT model cannot be upgraded to a 550 GT because the printhead assemblies and gantries are different. The 350 GT model will remain in the Océ portfolio.



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