Artful Silos

Great Big Color's output graces these Omaha grain silos.

Big Picture

Last spring, Emerging Terrain solicited submissions from artists all over the world for artwork themed “the inter-relatedness between land use, food, and agriculture” to hang on the exterior of 13 silos that comprise a vacant grain elevator near downtown Omaha, Nebraska.

Omaha native Kristin Battenfield of Great Big Color caught wind of the project, and through a cold call with Emerging Terrain, landed the job. Thirteen winning images were sent to the shop at 20 x 80-inches at 420 dpi. Using the Nur Expedio Revolution (rebadged HP Scitex HP5300) with Caldera Grand RIP 8.01 and Inx Triangle UV inks, Great Big Color output the banners onto grommeted Soyang PVC Mesh.

The 20 x 80-foot banners resided on the Omaha elevator for about four months, and Emerging Terrain moved them to other prominent vacant elevators throughout the state.


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