Artistic Coverings' Versatile New Tool

Uses superwide inkjet to create entertainment-industry props

Big Picture

This 5-ft. graphics-wrapped foam hammer prop for a new game show was created at Artistic Coverings of Cerritos, CA. In business for 32 years, Artistic Coverings supplies stunt padding for major movie studios, theme parks and extreme sports.

Since acquiring a Vutek UltraVu 2360 72-in. solvent-system inkjet in 2001, Artistic Coverings has been livening up sports-arena padding with promotional messages or creating wall and floor padding that blends into the scenery of a movie set used to film an action sequence. Artistic Coverings also uses the UltraVu to create imaginative, themed environments for preschools with custom-decorated childhood soft-play equipment and wall murals (Artistic Coverings:

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