Artistry CD Translates Traditional Watercolor Techniques for Corel Painter

Side-by-side comparison of digital and traditional steps

Big Picture

The newest addition to Karen Sperling's Artistry series of CD tutorials for Corel Painter shows how to use Painter's brushes and tools to replicate the techniques used by traditional watercolor painter Birgit O'Connor.

Entitled, "Artistry Watercolor Techniques in Painter for Artists and Photographers," the CD was produced by Karen Sperling after watching O'Connor's video "Atmospheric Landscapes Part I." Instead of recreating O'Connor's images with conventional brushstrokes, Sperling used Painter's brushes and tools to replicate the paintings from scratch.

The CD also shows how to use the digital watercolor techniques in Painter to convert photographs into painting-like images. The CD sells for $29.95. A downloadable version can be purchased for $24.95. (Artistry Painter Tutorial:

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