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Artwork Systems' Equinox Color-Conversion Software

Enables expanded color gamut printing.

Big Picture

Artwork Systems has unveiled Equinox-a color-conversion technology for expanded gamut printing that enables the standardization of 5, 6, or 7 printing inks of the print provider’s choice. Equinox technology combines the openness of ICC profiles with Artwork Systems’ color algorithms and workflow expertise.

Equinox uses "technical" aspects of color conversion on standard ICC profiles, but permits separate "editorial" control to allow users to employ "selective gamut expansion"-choosing how images should be separated and spot colors converted. For example, with the Equinox Photoshop Plug-in, users can choose to make grass greener, constrain orange from flesh tones, or add blue to a violet sweater, but not a blue sky. For spot colors, users can choose a color build that maximizes color accuracy, or a color build that maximizes press stability and smoothness.

Equinox support will be built into Artwork Systems’ Nexus and Odystar systems and offered for other applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Artwork Systems’ ArtPro.


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