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Association for Print Buyers Created

Offers national peer networking and resources.

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Print Buyers Online.com has created a new association dedicated specifically to print buyers"?Print Communications Professionals International (PCPI).

"Our goal is to help print buyers provide greater value to their organizations, and be better recognized for their contributions," says Suzanne Morgan, founder of PCPI and Print Buyers Online.com. "This organization offers print buyers the information, resources, and support they are craving." "

PCPI will sponsor three peer-to-peer information-sharing sessions during the upcoming Print Oasis 2005 Conference & Exhibit in Chicago. The sessions will include: "Find Peers by Organization Type" (May 22), "Technologies That Impact Buying Organizations" (May 23), and "Business Issues" (May 24). The sessions will be open to all attendees and do not require pre-registration. Attendees receive a free copy of the association's report, "Getting Color Right: What you need to know about color management and proofing." "

Introductory membership dues for PCPI are $279. The 2005 Print Oasis Conference will be held May 22-25 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. (PCPI: www.printbuyersonline.com)

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