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Auto FX Offers Creative Xtreme Software Bundle

Includes DreamSuite, Corel, and Bryce products

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Auto FX Software is now including Dream- Suite Series One, DreamSuite Gel Series, Corel KnockOut 2, Corel KPT Collection, and Bryce 5 (formerly from Corel, now from DAZ Productions) in a bundle of products for professional designers, photographers, and photo enthusiasts called the Creative Xtreme Bundle.

DreamSuite Series One is a suite of 18 visual effects including 35mm Frame, Chisel, Hot Stamp, Deckle, Crease, Liquid Metal, and others.

DreamSuite Gel includes Gel, Liquid Crystal, Gel Painter, Crystal Painter, and more.

KnockOut 2 is a plug-in that allows for the preservation of fine image details, featuring new touchup tools.

KPT Collection comprises 24 Kai Power Tools plug-ins such as Blurrr, Channel Surfing, FiberOptix, Frax4D, Goo, HyperTiling, Lightning, and others.

Bryce 5 is a 3D program for drawing and rendering landscapes, scenes, and 3D artwork.

Macintosh and Windows versions are both included for a price of $199. The offer expires December 31, 2004, and is available only while supplies last. (Auto FX Software: www.autofx.com)

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