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Avery Dennison Adds Colored Laminates

Three shades available to combine with Conform Chrome films.

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Avery Dennison has added a line of transparent, colored overlaminates for its Conform Chrome vinyl films. Available in orange, green, and purple, the laminate films expand the range of creative possibilities when combined with any of five existing Conform Chrome colors (silver, gold, black, red, and blue). They offer a high-gloss finish and resistance to UV light, temperature, humidity, and salt spray, with a 3-year outdoor durability.

Avery Dennison has also expanded the colors offered in its Giovanna Edition of Supreme Wrapping Film line. Satin Azure and Satin Pearl Koko are now available in addition to Satin Pearl Cielo Blu, Matte Metallic Grigio, and Satin Pearl Nero.

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