Bad-Ball Hitter

Photographer Don Hamerman's wide-format print work showcases what happens to discarded baseballs.

Big Picture

Since 2004, photographer Don Hamerman ( has searched a youth ballpark near his Stamford, Connecticut, home for discarded baseballs. He’s transformed more than 100 of these into a photographic series titled My Found Baseballs. In some cases, the resultant photos look like anything but baseballs – showing the usual pristine orbs now adorned with moss and mold, shorn of cover, and sometimes deteriorated beyond recognition.

Hamerman utilized various cameras to capture the baseball images, including his latest setup: a PhaseOne P45 39-megapixel back on a Mamiya 645 system. His wide-format print work has been outsourced to a couple of shops, including The Lab ( in Minneapolis, which used its Epson Stylus Pro 11880s, printing onto LexJet’s Sunset Fibre Rag and InteliCoat Museo Silver Rag papers.




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