Battling a Rainstorm for Festival Graphics

Cookie Printers' hot pink prints steal the show.

Anyone who’s produced graphics for a live event will tell you that logistics can be a nightmare: You’re dealing with sponsors who send last-minute artwork, working around other event vendors during installation, and printing at all hours of the night because being late is simply not an option. But the team at Cookie Printers (Warsaw, Poland) faced a challenge that was exceedingly more frustrating: a heavy downpour, just a few days before the outdoor movie festival Dwa Brzegi.

The shop was due to install more than 3500 square feet of graphics for the entrance of the festival’s main viewing tent and two sponsored zones for T-Mobile and Chill. This included roughly 750 square feet of floor graphics, which require a fair amount of attention to detail even when you’re not plagued by the elements.

“We had to artificially dry the surface to make it stickier so that the foil wouldn’t come off,” says Robert Szymczak, co-owner, of the 12-man installation.

Cookie Printers used a Roland VersaArt RE-640 printer, Summa vinyl cutter, and NEFU laminator. The floor graphics were imaged on Arlon DPF800 and laminated with anti-slip, dirt-resistant material from ATP.

Szymczak, who got his start in the industry on the supplier side before teaming up with business partner Marcin Bogacki, says proper materials for floor graphics are much more accessible nowadays, leading to a drop in prices and, naturally, an increase in interest in this unique form of advertising.

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