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Beat of a Different Drummer

Iron Maiden's drum wraps rock-n-rolled by Greenshires.

Big Picture

UK-based Greenshires was selected to produce special-edition drum wraps for heavy-metal band Iron Maiden, executing the work using its HP Scitex FB7500 press, onto PETG. "When printing drum wraps, the challenge is ensuring the ink adheres without cracking on the substrate," explains Marc Wolfe, Greenshires sales manager. "Through R&D we came up with the idea of 'reverse printing' on the back of the media – to prevent the wraps from getting scratched with extensive or rough use." In addition to printing wraps for Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBain’s personal drums on four world tours, Greenshires also produced 500 sets of 11 “Ed Til I’m Dead” drum wraps for re-sale by Premier Music International, and did so within five working days. Premier was so happy with the results it has since been ordering other drum wraps from Greenshires on a regular basis.


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