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Becoming a Better Print Buyer

Seminars offered in Washington DC and Chicago

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Print Buyers Online.com (PBO) will host two educational road shows on the topic of becoming a better print buyer. Titled "Now You Know," the seminars will identify the latest trends in print buying, offer comprehensive instruction on what print buyers need to know in order to be successful in print buying today, as well as selecting the appropriate print methods for each job (wide format, digital imaging presses, offset, web, etc.). The seminars also will help prospective buyers understand the basics of digital imaging technology, including a crash course on PostScript, RIPs, desktop publishing programs, and more.

The Now Your Know seminars will be held in Washington DC (Sept. 8) and Chicago (Sept. 28), and will be conducted by PBO founder Suzanne Morgan and Harry Waldman, president of Print Solutions, a print consultancy. Cost: $169 per person. (PBO: www.printbuyersonline.com)

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