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Better Light Introduces Super 10K-HS Scanning Back

Features a capture area of 72 x 96 mm.

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Better Light has added to its SuperModel line of digital scanning backs with the introduction of the Super10K-HS with USB 2.0 connectivity. Created for fine-art reproduction, the scanning back is designed for use with a 4 x 5 view camera or any device accepting 4 x 5-in. film holders and features a capture area of 72 x 96mm. The 416-Mxpl device is capable of scanning 34 x 45-in. originals at 300 ppi at a native resolution of 10,200 x 13,600 pixels, and can generate a 794-MB 48-bit RGB file. The minimum scan time for a 794-MB scan is 114 sec.

Additionally, the scanning back features an ISO range from 64 to 1000, a 40-GB internal hard drive and 11 resolution settings. The Super10K-HS is ICC-profile compatible and includes Better Light’s ViewFinder camera control software, which allows users to adjust comexposure, ISO sensitivity, color balance and contrast, and lighting and output conditions.

Suggested retail price: $22,995.