A Billboard Remake

Eco-friendly placemats are made from reclaimed billboards and movie posters.

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ViaMaris Partners, Israel-based creators of environmentally sensitive consumer products, has launched Remakes (remakes.biz), a line of eco-friendly placemats made from reclaimed billboards and movie posters.

Remakes receives used billboards on an opportunistic basis from a variety of sources to then be repurposed into eco-chic placemats. Many companies are eager to offer up the used media in order to save on inconvenient disposal costs, Remakes reports.

“Our society is quick to throw things away, without regard to what ‘away’ really means,” says Ben Wiener of ViaMaris partners. “We rescue these elaborate billboards and turn them into artistic tableware that looks great on any table, saves hundreds of pounds of plastic from becoming landfill, and raises awareness about the impact we have on our environment.”

Two styles are available: Remakes Black, all-black, textured placemats; or Remakes Multi-Color, a set of placemats cut from the same billboard or movie poster to offer aesthetic consistency. No two placemats or sets are the same; each features unique colors and designs. All designs feature a Remakes logo and QR code, which links to the Remakes website that features a daily fact or news item about conservation, recycling or protecting the environment, as well as information about the placemats’ origin.

The placemats are currently available in the US from Abe's Market (abesmarket.com) and through the Remakes website.



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