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Biodegradable Billboard Substrate from Ultraflex

13-oz. coated frontlit billboard/banner product.

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Ultraflex Systems has patented a completely biodegradable sign material called BioFlex. When exposed to conditions in a landfill (darkness, high heat, and moisture), BioFlex releases microbes that break down the PVC and turn it into powder with no toxic byproducts.

The first entry in the BioFlex line will be a 13-oz coated frontlit billboard/banner product. Initially available in seamless widths up to 196-in., BioFlex is well-suited for frontlit solvent- and UV-printed signs and banners.

Ultraflex is working to achieve Design for the Environment (DFE) certification (received earlier this year by Inkware’s BioInk) from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). "There are currently no clear standards, since this is unchartered territory," says Lorna D’Alessio. Ultraflex president. In addition, "EFI-VUTEk and Ultraflex have agreed that we will work on achieving compatibility between BioVu ink and our BioFlex."

BioFlex is expected to cost 10 to 15% above costs of similar uncoated products. It will be available in early October. Ultraflex will then begin production of extrusion coated and laminated BioFlex, says D’Alessio.



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