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Bitstream Announces New Fonts

Includes display and text fonts from new and veteran designers

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"The term 'solvent' has been completely misused over the last few years, and conjures up visions of kids sniffing cans of glue and aerosols and getting high on mind-destroying, cancer-inducing chemicals," says Tony Martin, president of Lyson USA. "True, some solvents are very bad for you and do require extraction. However, not all solvents are bad for you. Water, for instance, is a solvent." He notes that Lyson's own LOD solvent inks are made from a fermentation process that uses renewable resource materials. Although they do have an odor, Martin says the fumes are safe to breathe and the body completely metabolizes the fumes without any harmful side effects. The health and safety recommendations for usage state that the inks should be used in a well-ventilated environment, but depending on the printer model used and ink type used this could range from a small wall-mounted extraction fan to a small air-cleaning unit included in the purchase price of the machine.

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