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Bordeaux Introduces Inks

Includes Prime Eco, Prime Green, Plasma PIFx, and Prime PrJ3.

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Bordeaux has introduced several new inks in its Prime and Plasma lines. One of the advantages to moving to Bordeaux inks, reports the company, is that customers can replace one color at a time, as it is depleted-there is no need to discard unused OEM inks. Users can mix and match without flushing or having to replace hardware (pumps, dampers, or tubes) or ICC profiles when switching.

The new Bordeaux inks include:

* Prime Eco is a plug-and-play solution designed for Roland printers using Roland EcoSol Max inks, including XC and VP printers. Prime Eco is odorless, requires no mechanical ventilation, has extended outdoor durability (up to 2 yr without lamination), and is available in 220- and 440-ml chipped cartridges.

* Prime Green is engineered specifically for use with the Mimaki JV5 printers. Offering compatibility and good adhesion on most self-supporting flexible and pressure-sensitive vinyls, Prime Green is fast-drying, offers a wide color gamut, and matches OEM color shades. It also has a very low odor, offers 1- to 2-yr outdoor durability, and does not include solvents defined as harmful or HAP.

* Plasma PIFx UV-curable inks are suitable for flatbed and rollfed printers using Xaar and Spectra heads. It offers fast curing and superior adhesion on Coroplast, styrene, PVC, and polycarbonate.

* The Prime PrJ3 inks are specially developed for the Mimaki JV3 and are fully compatible with Mimaki's SS2 inks. They are available in 440-ml chipped cartridges for plug-and-play.


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