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Bowman's Vertical Elliptical Lightbox

Available in stationary or rotating version.

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The Elliptical Light-Up Display from Bowman Displays is a vertical ellipse lightbox that can either stay stationary or rotate, depending on the size purchased. The 13 x 59-in. display is available in either a stationary or rotating version, while the 18 x 72-in. is available in stationary version only.

Graphics, which are available from Bowman printed on Duratrans (but can also be on any backlit film) are inserted from the top of the display by removing the cap and sliding them in between the diffuser and the lens.

The unit ships complete and ready to use; graphic changeout requires only a screwdriver.

The Elliptical Light-Up Display from Bowman Displays has a wholesale price of: $159, 13 x 59-in. stationary model; $249, 13 x 59-in. rotating model; $269, 18 x 72-in. stationary model.


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