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Breathing Color Takes on "Due Diligence" for Fine Artists"

Puts together a package of hand-selected tools and materials

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After years of experimenting with a wide range of colors, substrates, coatings, and equipment, the folks at Breathing Color report that they have hand selected and developed a single premium item for each product category that is "quality-driven, user-friendly, and cost effective for the end user." "

"Artists and photographers should not be burdened with the due diligence of discovering an economical printing solution," says Nick Friend, Breathing Color's president. "Their time, energy and resources should be spent creating more art. We believe that we have created a tried-and-true product mix that offers serious value in terms of eliminating the long and expensive learning curves that artists and photographers experience." "

Breathing Color's selections include: the Epson 7600 (24 in) or 9600 (44 in) printer with 7-color Ultrachrome ink set; Breathing Media canvas and fine art papers as well as glossy and semi-glossy media; and Giclee Varnish. (Breathing Color, 949-278-0788, www.breathingcolor.com)

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