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Cambo Wide DS-350 4x5 Camera

Wide-angle digital solution from Calumet

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Designed for architectural and landscape digital photographers who demand high-res images, the Cambo Wide DS-350 4x5 camera from Calumet offers a wide-angle digital solution that is portable and can be used untethered with a digital back. It provides the equivalent focal length of a 65mm lens on a 4x5 format or a 24mm lens on a 35mm format.

The Wide DS system offers a "double shift"--rise-and-fall and lateral--for combined vertical (front) and horizontal (rear) movements for perspective control. The DS-350 also features: a new Schneider Digitar 5.6/35mm lens; a rotating back, allowing for a switch from horizontal to vertical formats; an optical viewfinder with a 120-degree viewing angle; and an aluminum-alloy body. The DS-350 accepts digital backs such as Leaf, PhaseOne, Imacon, EyeLike, or Sinar with mounts for Hasselblad V series, Hasselblad H1, Mimiya 645AFD, or Contax 645-compatible backs.

The retail price of the CamboWide DS 350 is $4999 or $5499, depending on mount. (Calumet Professional Imaging: www.calumetphoto.com)

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