Canon Reveals First UVgel Printer

The Océ Colorado 1640 offers new UV technology.

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Canon has released its first printer utilizing the company’s new UVgel technology, designed with three key features: an ultra-thin UV-curable ink said to instantly gel on contact with media, “self-aware” piezoelectric printhead technology, and an LED-based UV system designed to cure without damaging media.

The 64-in. roll-to-roll machine offers a max. print speed of 1710 sq ft/hr. The curing system moves independently of the printhead carriage, a feature intended to produce uniform curing.

Additional features include a heavy-duty drawer mechanism that holds up to two rolls of media at a time. Once initialized, the print engine is able to switch jobs between rolls without operator assistance. If an unknown media is loaded, the machine automatically measures its thickness and adjusts the print gap accordingly. Media parameters are then stored in the printer’s library.

The printheads feature nozzle monitoring technology and automatic corrective maintenance. Meanwhile, the media handling system uses an optical feedback loop to monitor the media as it advances.

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