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Canon's New 'Print Masters' Program

Goal is to promote capture-to-output technologies and workflow.

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Canon USA has introduced its "Print Masters" program, a pilot program designed to educate and broaden the awareness of digital-print technology. Specifically, the program will help promote complete end-to-end, capture-to-output seminars, workshops, gallery showings, and photo presentations. The first participants in the program have already been chosen: Bruce Hamilton Dorn and Maura Dutra of iDC Photography (www.idcphotography.com) and Eddie Tapp of Eddie Tapp Digital Services (www.eddietapp.com).

"The Canon Print Masters concept is, in essence, a natural extension of the company's long-established Explorers of Light program "? a means of sharing hard-earned image creation, knowledge, and expertise, and of actually shedding light on the intricacies of translating vision onto paper," says Tracie Sokol, director and general manager of Canon USA's Graphic Arts Systems group. "The program is intended to become a groundbreaking forum for experts in the field of capturing, perfecting, and presenting images "? whether as a photograph, illustration, or combination of the two "? to teach and inspire other professionals and amateurs alike." "


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