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Canto Cumulus 7.5 Released

Digital asset management software updated.

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Canto has announced that the new 7.5 edition of its Cumulus digital asset-management software now offers support for Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, and Adobe InDesign CS3. Enhanced metadata support also has been added for Apple's iWork Suite, and support for raw digital-camera formats has been increased by 50 camera models, bringing the total number of raw formats successfully tested to 185.

Canto Cumulus 7.5 also boasts new features, including:

* The ability to hide master category tabs from certain users or groups to provide an easier-to-understand workspace;

* The ability to perform user-defined 'trigger' actions when a metadata field is changed to a certain value (for example, to automatically e-mail a manager when a workflow status field is set to 'delayed');

* A collection basket enabling users to easily gather assets via drag-and-drop for batch access and processing, or just 'light table' viewing and organization;

* Formula-based metadata fields that can automatically determine an image's orientation (portrait or landscape), create space-efficient output displays for views and reports, perform numeric calculations and if-then decisions, and more.



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