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Center for Digital Imaging Arts Launched by Boston University

Offers certificate programs as well as workshops for professional imagers.

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Boston University has launched its Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA), a combination of courses, programs, and facilities that provides instruction in digital imaging, photography, filmmaking, game design, visual effects and more. Nine-month certificate problems are available as are single-module workshops for professional imagers. All classes are held at the CDIA's new 10,000-sq-ft facility in Waltham, MA.

The CDIA's Photography & Imaging Certificate program is a 9-month concentration on essential digital workflows, comprising the following modules: Fundamental Photoshop for Photographers; Advanced Color Correction; Masking & Compositing; Managing Your Images; Retouching; Commercial & Advertising; Corporate & Editorial; Design & Composition; Financial Management & Pricing; Contracts & Proposals; Career Planning; and more.

"The Center's coursework is designed to build both artistic and technical skills," says Bob Daniels, CDIA's executive director. "The silos separating photography, filmmaking, graphic design, animation, and Web-based technologies are disappearing. Cross-training in the imaging arts is essential for today's professional who must know how to create, adjust, respond and publish at Internet speed." (CDIA: www.digitalimagingarts.com)

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