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CGS Enhances Dot Proofing for Oris Color Tuner

For use on Canon and Epson printers

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CGS Publishing Technologies has released a new screen proofing option for its popular ORIS Color Tuner. ORIS ScreenDot allows users to apply Color Tuner's selective color correction, automatic calibration, and other precise color management tools while creating a halftone dot proof. The process support high-res inkjets from Canon and Epson.

"In the past, vendors could offer either color management or screening simulation, but not both," notes Andreas Kaemmerer, CGS president. "Oris DotProof brings them both together, so there is no need to sacrifice color match if you need to see dots." "

Oris ScreenDot is being released in October at a price of $2995. (CGS Publishing Technologies: www.cgsusa.com)

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