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CGS Releases Oris Color Tuner 5.1

Includes Oris Soft Proof

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ORIS Color Tuner 5.1, from CGS Publishing Technologies, has been released. This Windows-based version (CGS released a Mac OS Personal Edition earlier this year) introduces Oris Soft Proof, a module that creates view-ready PDF/X-3 files using the same color-management engine that creates the contract Oris proof. Color verification is handled by an Oris plug-in for Acrobat; the user can output a hard-copy proof at any time.

Color Tuner 5.1 also offers: support for Hexachrome proofing, support for ICCv4 profiles, and improved support for PDF/X. Workflow options include: Oris Normalizer option, which allows users to convert file s from all major digital formats to high-res files for RIP and/or output; Oris Press Matcher, which enables multiple files to be converted to multiple press conditions, without manual editing or loss of color fidelity; and Oris Ink Saver, which helps reduce ink consumption. (CGS: www.cgsusa.com)

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