Chromaline Introduces AccuArt Inkjet Film

For screen-printing film positives, displays, and proofs

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Chromaline Screen Print Products is a well-known supplier of photochemical imaging systems for the screen-printing industry. For the growing number of graphics firms equipped with high-res inkjets that use aqueous dye inks, Chromaline introduces AccuArt? film. Available in cut sheets and wide-format rolls, the waterproof film can be used to create film positives, negatives, color proofs, and full-color presentation displays.

The inkjet-printable film can help screen-printing companies avoid the need for higher cost laser printers and imagesetters used in prepress. The film's coating ensures that ink dries instantly on the film, making the inkjet-generated positive impervious to high-humidity environment and water used in the screenmaking process.

According to Chromaline, the film offers ten times the clarity of Vellum and produces outstanding digital images of line art, halftones, and four-color separations of up to 65 lpi. Other specs include a Dmax value of up 4.6, with a Dmin value of .07. AccuArt is available in rolls up to 60 in. wide. (Chromaline: 800-328-4261,

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