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Chromix Introduces ColorCast And ColorThink Pro

Utilizes color-simulation modeling technology for embedding profiles.

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Chromix, which offers color-management services as well as products, has announced ColorCast and ColorThink Pro.

ColorCast is a color-simulation and modeling technology that embeds an n-color (more than CMYK) profile inside another profile. The result is a profile that's usable with any ICC-compatible system. For instance, with ColorCast, you can embed a Kodak MatchPrint profile into an Epson desktop printer's normal print profile; then whenever you select that new profile, the Epson automatically proofs Match- Print, even from MS Word. Similarly, if a Hexachrome profile is embedded, it will then simulate Hexachrome whenever it is used. In the case of large-format printing, print shops that want customers to be able to proof large-format output will create ColorCast profiles that customers can use for proofing. Any multi-channel profile can be used, up to 10 channels.

ColorThink Pro utilizes the Chromix ColorCast technology for the advanced analysis of color. Based on the company's ColorThink toolset, the Pro edition offers several professional-grade troubleshooting tools, including: Profile Inspector, which analyzes gamut volume, inking statistics, and dot gain; Color Worksheet, allowing users to model color information into a spreadsheet format to isolate color issues; and ColorSmarts Guide, an automated utility that can perform 20 tests.

In addition, Kodak has named Chromix as a partner for distribution and customer service for Kodak ColorFlow Custom Color Tools profile-editing software in North America.


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