This Church Keeps an Eye on You

Building wrap with an eye for raising money

Big Picture

Designed to raise money for the restoration of the building, this church wrap was produced by N3 Neelson Print & Display GmbH for the German bank Schwabish Hall and was displayed in Lubeck, Germany for the city's 250,000 inhabitants. The wrap--touted as Germany's largest church wrap--covered three quarters of the 377-ft high church and was the cause of a significant debate: Should advertising be placed on a church? In the end, since the advertising was raising money to help the church, it worked out fine.

Neelson used its 3-m (9.8 ft), 8-color VUTEk UltraVu 3360 EC to print the wrap at 360 dpi in 16 hours. Neelson specializes in superwide digital printing, and at the time of producing the wrap, had only owned the machine for 48 hours. (N3 Neelson Print & Display GmbH:

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