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Clear Focus' JetVue 2 Features Enhancements and New Width

Offers superior laydown, retention of inks, and better UV protection

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Clear Focus offers an improved version of its JetVue? film--JetVue? 2. This 2-mm perforated, pressure-sensitive film features a newly formulated inkjet-receptive coating that was designed for use with pigmented, dye-, and oil-based inks.

Clear Focus claims that JetVue 2 offers better laydown, ink retention, and UV protection. For longer outdoor use, Clear Focus recommends a clear overlaminate, such as ClearLam?, or a liquid clear coat to protect against water and abrasion.

JetVue 2 is compatible with Encad's NovaJet Pro series, HP Designjet models 2000 through 5000, Roland's CAMMJET and HiFi JET printers, and many other mid- and wide-format inkjet machines. Clear Focus will provide ICC profiles on request.

It is available in both 36- and new 54-in. wide rolls. (Clear Focus Imaging: 800-307-7990; www.clearfocus.com)

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