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Coast Graphic Supply Premieres 2600 and 6600 Laminators

Liquid laminators can coat media up to 0.25-in. thick

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Coast Graphic Supply has introduced its new 2600 and 6600 Liquid Laminator systems. Designed to laminate a wide range of materials from vinyl banners to fine-art canvas, the machines apply a layer of water-based coating onto flexible substrates up to 0.25-in. thick. Compatible with solvent, mild-solvent, UV-curable, and specific aqueous pigment- based inks, the water-based coating offers a 10-yr outdoor UV protection when used with solvent inks and up to 5-yr with pigmented or UV-cured inks.

With a top speed of 2.5 ft/min, the 26-in. 2600 model is typically used for photographic prints or small giclee prints; the 66-in. 6600 model can be used for large-format banners, canvas, and vehicle graphics. In addition, the 2600 and 6600 will perfectly coat one side, without leaving coating on the back surface"?important for photo prints.

The laminators also feature a height adjustment, an adjustable Doctor Blade to ensure consistent coating width, and a tilt-out stainless steel Kwik-Kleen coating reservoir that can be quickly drained and cleaned. The system is meant to be modular, allowing the 6600 laminator to be married to a take-up reel and a rollto- roll device (both still in development) with infrared or UV-curing units.

The standard 2600 coater is a tabletop unit; an optional floorstand is available. The 6600 comes standard with a stand.

Price: 2600, tbd; 6600, $6795.


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