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The Color Management Group Debuts at Seybold

Experienced consultants team up to offer color-management safety net

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Five well-established color-management consulting firms and a distributor of color-management products have formed an alliance called The Color Management Group.

Consulting firm members include Alder Technology (www.aldertech.com), Left Dakota (www.leftdakota.com), Piccus 4 Color (www.piccus4color.com), Renaissance Photographic Imaging (www.rpimaging.com), Rods and Cones (www.rodsandcones.com). The sixth member of the alliance--Color Management, Inc.--is a Silicon Valley-based distributor of color-management products from CSE, GretagMacbeth, ICS, Monaco, X-Rite and other suppliers.

The Color Management Group brings together experienced technical integrators, teachers, seminar leaders, writers and beta testers who have informally shared their insights over the past five years. By officially pooling their analytical skills and various backgrounds, the Color Management Group feels better prepared to provide the best possible support in installing, troubleshooting and managing sensitive color workflows.

At the Seybold conference in San Francisco, The Color Management Group set up a pavilion dedicated to digital color workflows. The group will also be participating in the GATF Color Conference later this year. (The Color Management Group: www.colormanagementgroup.com)

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