Color Profiling Tool from Mimaki

MPM3 software works with RasterLink6 RIP.

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Mimaki has released Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3), a color profile creation and editing tool compatible with the company’s RasterLink6 RIP software. The program’s new features include:

• A step-by-step guide to profile creation;
• GCR and Black generation;
• Three color replication methods for different workflows: calibration, which achieves consistency on a single Mimaki printer; equalization, which enables color consistency across multiple Mimaki devices in the same series; and emulation, which simulates various brands, models, ink sets, media, and resolutions on a Mimaki printer;
• And automatic calculation of and adjustment for color differences through color charts measurement.

The software is available as a standalone optionor bundled with an X-Rite i1Pro2 spectrophotometer.

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